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More from Scotland again! This time from the man featured in the photo below; Paul Clydesdale. Some great pike from float tube shots! Reminds me to fix the hole in my tube so I can get out again soon! Thanks alot for sharing photos with us Paul!  '

Another great photo from our friend Dougie in Scotland. This one feature our fellow forum member Paul Clydesdale Pike flyfishing on a Scottish Loch at sunrise, thanks alot for sharing Douige! 

Jeppe Lyngsø from Denmark sent us this amazing photo and this little story: 

"I tell ya its worth waiting for that nice 20+ pounder on the fly from the tube - I was very fortunate and hit one last year in the winter. Mid February and nothing happened all morning but all of a sudden when i was "trolling" with the fly i got a monster strike and hooked it. After a nice long fight i could let my mate grab the hugely fat fish and we could paddle the long way to a bay with low water. Weighed and measured and some photos later it was back in the cold winter water with its extraordinary huge belly of spawn. It weighed in at 9,7 kg ~ 21,4 lbs and was only 102,5 cm long - My biggest pike on the fly by far and a real beauty." 

We can't argue with that, what a catch, congratulations buddy!


Now how about this absolute beauty on a smashing 23 lbs!!! Caught on a silver sparkler by our good friend from Scotland Dougie Loughridge!  

Edwin Kerssies from Holland is one of our featured tyers, here's some examples of what his gorgeous flies can do for him! Great stuff Edwin!

 Ken Capsey from Burlington VT USA with a nice catch! Ken is one of my best international pike friends out there. Irish and proud!


Ken runs his own pike fly blog that is well worth the visit:    


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