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No good tying or buying flies if you can't get out there and fish with them! Here you will find photos from our different forum members and other friends and contributorus. This section contains photos on the Pike and saltwater theme. Do you have some fly fishign photos you want to share? Just e-mail them to us and they will be up here in no time: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Peter Jensen is a friend of ours down in Denmark, he is an avid fly fisherman for sea trout and of course also for Pike! Here's some really, really nice photos from him! Thanks Peter!





Now this is excisting and makes me so glad to see!

Garry Joley who is a friend to a lot of us picked up fly fishing and fly tyign for pike just a while back.
The other day this came from Garry. Now how's that for a start to your pike fly fishing interest!
"First time out pike fishing and I caught this monster yesterday, massive thanks to, Dave S, Dave L, Ulf and Ken I could not have done it without you all, its all down hill from now on!!! How am I ever going to better this???? What have you boys got me into???" 

Here is some great photos from our friend in Ireland, Glenn Drennan featuring himself aswell as one of Irelands most prolific specimen hunter and irish angler magazine columnist Terry Jackson. 

More fantastic photos on some great pike from our friend Jeppe down in Denmark, thanks alot buddy! But... is that a spinning rod I see there? ;)   

A great photo once again from Scottland, and from another Clydesdale this time from Scott Clydesdale who send a photo "of a female friend saying hello from my favourite scottish loch". Now I gotta say you have some nice female friends Scott ;)  

A great catch on a Sub bug from our friend across the pond Ken Capsey!  


More from our friend Jeppe Lyngsø down in Denmark, and these are some great photos! Just look at the colors of these and the size of these pikes!!! Man I gotta get my ass down to Denmark soon! 

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