Back from river Rena in Norway

So we are back from three days at the river Rena in Norway. What can I say, fishing was a great dissapointment due to worste imaginable conditions. We came up at friday at noon and got to fish the whole afternoon and evning. The river was extremly low, proof that they still hadn't opened the dam to raise to river, so we just kept our fingers crossed that it would stay like that for the whole weekend.

There were occasional fish rishing but the fishing was very slow, at least we did caugh a fish each during the afternoon during a brief period when the fish seemed willing to bite. We got some rain showers but nothing like what was gonna hit us later. Evening fishing was a little better with Anders cathching three more small graylings and then all of a sudden Kalle catching a really nice grayling at 1,1 kg!


Almost simultaneously I hooked into something BIG on my new Blasphemy fly! A monster take on the big foam fly and some really nice bends in the rod to proof the size of the fish, then just as I was sure I had hooked it good it dropped off! Dammed it! Well, it was very good to see that the Blasphemy fly worked though!

Saturday morning and the rain was comming down hard on the tent as we woke up. Next set back met us as we came out of our tents and noticed that the level of the river had now risen about a meter over night! The thing that wasn't supposed to happen had happened, they had opened the dam and the river had risen. Eventhoug we tried we all felt that fishing was almost to no good at all after someting like that. Anders did manage to catch a tiny trout late in the afternoon but it was tough. Not to mention it absolutly poured down rain all day which also made both me and Anders realize that both of our wading jackets were not exactly keeping us dry like it was supposed to!

When we awoke on Sunday with the rain still comming down hard we made the desiscion to not fish at all on sunday, just packed up and took the seven hour drive home instead.

So extremly unlucky to have the river get risen like that, but we still had a great time together, like we always do. It's like the saying goes "the worst day of fishing is still better than the best day of work" :)

 Check the photo section for the first photos from the trip, more photos to come in the comming days.

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