Fly Tying Patterns

UV Flashtail Whistler

Materials -

Hook - Varivas BigMouth Xtra 4/0
Eyes - EP Hot Eyes large black
Thread - Uni Big Fly Fire Orange
Tail - Silver Flashabou
Body - White/Lavender/Pink Bucktail, Grizzle hackles, UV/Pearl flash
Collar - UV red fritz, Red saddle hackles

Tying process.....

Lash on your thread Cheesy and make a few touching turns upon which attach the eyes. Add plenty of glue.

At a point opposite the barb, catch in a generous hank of flashabou about 3/4 along it's length. Use your finger to roll round the hookshank before tightening up. Glue this spot before folding back......

....and catching down. Use taperizer scissors to rough up the flat edges of flashabou for a more natural action.....

Prepare a good chunk of white bucktail by removing the fluff and short-arsed fibres. catch in with a few light tension turns and use your fingertip again to roll round the shank ensuring an even distribution of hair.

Repeat this process with a slightly shorter piece of white bucktail. Tie in 3 strands (thats all ya need) halfway along its length on each side of hook. Double this back and tie down. Now pay attention........take a bunch of lavender (purple to you and me...) bucktail about half the thickness of the white and tie in on the top only. Follow this up with pink (oooh er) again, half the thickness of the purple before topping off with 3 strands of UV (full length).....phew!

Prepare two large grizzle hackles by laying them on top of each other and removing some of the fluff (try to ensure your hackles are about 3/4 the length of the fly). Tie these in each side of the hook.

Next step is to tie in your collar hackle.....two large webby saddle hackles tied in together on top of the hook and lay forward between the eyes, use some tyers spit to fold the feather forward out of harms way....make sure you keep plenty of the fluffy marabou-type fibres as these are essential to add movement in the fly.

Strip a few mm's of red UV fritz away to reveal its core and catch this in. Bind down solidly with your thread adding glue all the way.....

Wind the fritz forward towards the eyes over the wet glue, basically creating a small Blob :eek:Cheesy......before catching down firmly.

Taking both saddle hackles together, wind tightly down, stroking the fibres backwards as you go, a few turns behind the eyes then wind forward through the can tie off here if you like and finish with super glue, or, as the original, form a small head with tying thread before coating with epoxy.

The finished UV Flashtail Whistler......Pike catcher supreme!!!


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