Fly Tying Patterns

Flatwing/Bucktail Deceiver No. 1

Hey again, just wanted to try and shoot a step-by-step for the site tonight while at the fly tying desk. Tied a new fly for my box resembling the one my mate Allan used with success this last weekend. A simple variation over our very used theme of flatwing deceivers (well actually not a flatwing tie but the materials are the same).

Hook: Tiemco 8089 #6
Thread: Uni 6/0 White
Eyes: Real Eyes 4 mm silver
Tail 1: Orange Bucktail
Tail 2: 4-5 White saddle feathers
Tail 3: Mirage Flash Opal + Lime
Tail 4: Orange Bucktail
Collar 1: Chartreuse Bucktail
Body: Pearl Mylar Tinsel
Collar 2: Chartreuse Bucktail

#1 - Hook in vise Smile

#2 - Tie a base of two bumbs for the eyes/weight

#3 - Tie on eyes and secure with generous varnish or super glue

#4 - Tie in half the bucktail for the tail - other half goes on top later

#5 - Tie in a base of fluff for the saddle feathers

#6 - Tie in the saddle feathers in tapered lengths parwise - I used 4-5 feathers

#7 - Cut off the remaining stems of the feathers and taper and tie in a few strands of flash

#8 - Tie in the top half of the tail bucktail and spread it around the feathers

#9 - Tie in the first contrast colored bucktail collar

#10 - Trim bucktail ends down and tie ind some pearl mylar for the body

#11 - Wrap the body and secure

#12 - Tie in the front bucktail collar and spread it evenly around the shank

#13 - Make a nice head and whip finish - To give the fly a nice shape hold it under a fast running hot tab and let it dry up in that shape (not done here yet on this final shot)

A very useful pattern that can be varied endlessly, not a very bulky and huge fly but moves very well and attracting in the water and is very easy to cast on regular gear.

Hope its useful alien

Oh yeah almost forgot - the full album with the SBS can be found here: SBS @ Picasa
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