Fly Tying Patterns

Wiggle Vulgata Nymf

Wiggle Vulgata Nymf

Hook: Gamakatsu F22 size 12 (Gamakatsu F18 for the abdomen)
Thread: UNI 12/0
Tails: Ostrich
Underbody: Hare's dubbing
Top abdomen: Section from turkey
Underside abdomen: Wood duck
Abdomen connection: mono or tying thread
Top Thorax: Section from turkey
Gills: Chickabou
Wingbuds: Black turkey biots
Legs: "roots" from Ostrich herl

This is mainly just a variant of the one I normally tie as a swimming nymph, inspired by Lloyd Gonzales wiggling nymphs.

You can tie this fly the way described here but you can also tie it in a "quick'n dirty" version on which you leave out the wood duck feather on the abdomen and use only dubbing, also leave out the gills and turkey biots and replace the legs with a partridge hackle. But it's much more fun to tie it like this right?!


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