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Wiggle baitfish

Created: Tuesday, 22 December 2009 19:42
Last Updated: Tuesday, 22 December 2009 19:42
Written by Ulf Hagström
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The wiggle baitfish is a pattern I developed 2007 inspired by some of the wiggle fish patterns from Lloyd Gonzales in his book "Flyfishing preassured waters". This pattern rendered quite some attention at the swedish flyfishing fair in March this year and I was absolutly fed up with tying it after that, LOL!

It's a fly suitable for most trout but I know there are a few who have bought it from me who uses it for sea trout also. It should be a good perch fly also if you ask me! Orinaly I wanted to use it in running waters, thinking that the stream would add extra movement to the wiggle tail. I have not tested it fully yet in streams but I will keep trying!

Hook: Mustad C49S
Thread: Sheer 14/0 white
Body, tails, head: Any white syntetic hairs

Here's how it's done!
Insert a suiteable longer hook, streamer type, and attach the thread. Tie in a bunch of any type of hair, syntetic like polar fiber works good, forward over the hook eye making it spinn around the hook. Taper the tie in of the hair and make a roughly tapered underbody all the way back to where you intend the abdomen to end.

Next fold back the hair, making it cover the whole hook shank completely around the hook. Tie off the thread here and add varnish/super glue.

Remove the hook from the vise and with the help of a couple of pliars cut the hook off as close to the tie in point as you can.

Add a descent amount of varnish or superglue to the tail close to the tie in point and use some flat pliars to flatten it while the glue is still wet.

Cut the tails into shape and add any colour to it if you want.

Place any curved hook in the vise, attach the thread and tie in a stretch of mono pointing backwards. I prefer to use the Mustad C49S which is a rather heavy 1x short hook that works perfectly!

Slip the mono trough the eye of the tail section. Fold the mono forward and tie it down leeving a small loop that the tails can "wiggle" in!

Only thing left to do now is to add a couple of bunches of the same hair used for the abdomen. You can either tie both bunches pointing backwards and cut it into a nice taper or tie the front bunch forward and then fold it back. Either way I add a small head of epoxy and eyes....  this one has a set of very nice Gator eyes from Deer creek!

Tie up a handful!

Hope you have enjoyed!