Fly Tying Patterns

The Matuka streamer

Matuka streamer

Hook: Of choise, for this SBS a Gamakatsu F18 size 8
Thread: 8/0
Tails and wing: Two feathers from Hen sadle, colour of own choice
Body: "dirty" yellow (or of own choise)
Ribbing: Copper wire
Hackle: same as tails

The Matuka is a series of flies tied which has one thing in common; the way you tie the combined tail and wing. It's one of my favourite streamers, and a fly that is real fun to tie once you get the trick of the combined tail and wing feathers. As with every pattern there are many different ways of tying the Matuka aswell, I ain't saying this is the right way it's just my way

The main thing to keep in mind is to maintain symetry of the fly and keep the tail/wing on top of the hook shank. This streamer can of course be complemented with weighting on the shank or by adding a gold bead.

 I fish it very activily switching between retreaving it very fast and slow with  a few stops now and then.


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