Fly Tying Patterns

Moose mane midge

Moose mane midge by Geoff Littler

A very easy to tie adult midge representation. I think that it might also make a fairly passable hawthorne representation in larger sizes.

Tying Materials

Hook: Partridge SLD Size 18
Thread: Sheer 14/0 Black
Body: A single strand of natural moose mane
Hackle: Black cock neck
Wing: Slips from a matched pair of starling wings

Tying Method

Step 1: Secure the hook in the vice with the point protruding.

Step 2: Attach the black thread behind the eye.

Step 3: Tie in a pair of slips from a matched pair of starling wings. Do this using a winging loop with the wings sloping over the eye.

Step 4: Trim the waste end of the slips and tie down the butts with thread. Lift the wings into final position and secure in place with turns of thread in front of them.

Step 5: Tie in a single strand of moose mane along the hook shank. Run the tying thread to rear of the hook and back to a point just behind the wing.

Step 6: Wind the moose mane in touching turns to form body.

Step 7: Tie in a black cock hackle.

Step 8: Wind the hackle around the wings.

Step 9: Whip finish and varnish the head to complete.

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