Fly Tying Patterns

CDC sedge (F-fly variant)

The F-fly variant

Hook: Dry fly hook size 14-22
Thread:  UNI 8/0 black
Body and wing: CDC

 One of the most used modern designed dry fly has to be Marian Fratniks "F-fly" a geniusly simple CDC caddis that works so good in really small sizes. Personaly I like a variant of it more, becuse it floats a little higher and are easier for me to see. I am not sure but I think that Johan Klinkberg might be responsible for this fly but I am not sure.

When I fished the Itchen in England Chris Reeves had tremendous success with this patter in a size 20 with black CDC. I like it in a brown variant as well and that is what I have tied in this step by step.

 Dead easy to tie,it's almost impossible to fail with it, and you can easily tie up alot of them in no time!


Step 1

 Start with covering the hook shank with your tying thread.



 Tie in one-three CDC feathers (depending on hook size) at the end.



 Tie the CDC quills down on the hook shank forward to create a smooth underbody



 Fold the CDC forward and tie it down with a couple of hard turns of thread



 Fold the CDC feathers bacwards once more and tie it down with 3-4 turns of thread.



 Cut the CDC to the right length (the wing should be slightly longer than the body), whip finish and varnish! 

So easy, and such a nice pattern!





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