Magnus Mattisson

Born: 1977
City/Country: Stockholm
Member since: 2003
Favorite fishing: Flyfishing for Trout
Best fishing experience ever: Kaitum River at 04:00 midnight, a humongous size muddler a la Pälsmössa …  ten minute fight ..... Grayling @ 1.2 kg!
Dream fishing in the future: Fly fishing for “baby tarpon” or bonefish on “flatsen" outside Cuba
Drinking at fishing: Coffee made over the fire, whiskey and a cold beer!
Food at fishing: Yes please!
Other things worth to remember: Have caught a Pike on a m10-nut without hook! During the same trip, I caught an angry water snake with a lasso knot around the body! Another time I got up a couple of lips belonging to a Perch without the associated body because a Pike took the rest of the fish just beside the boat.
Functions within Elmer: Teaser
Elmer members about Magnus: Magnus is, along with Anders, one of the best in Elmer regarding casting techniques. He is an extremely versatile fisherman and masters both Fly fishing for Pike and Fly Fishing for grayling and trout. He has a great sense of humor but also a quick temper, which playfully has led us to call him “Surpuppan". That also gave rise to a fly with the same name in the same colors as his fishing clothes during our trip to Rostå.

Magnus is very sustainable and can do hiking in the mountains for long distances - long after the rest of us have given up. He is also included in the Elmer’s "Youth Section" and it seems that he we always be under 30 years old.


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