Anders Maijgren

Born: 1972
City/Country: Kumla
Member since: Founder 1999
Favorite fishing: Fly-fishing in streams for salmon, sea trout, brown trout and grayling.
Best fishing experience ever: When I caught my first really big salmon at just under 10 kilos at Orkla in Norway!
Dream fishing in the future: Dry-fly fishing for salmon on Kola, could it get any more exciting than that?
Drinking at fishing: A cold beer to cool off with and enjoy a whiskey by the campfire after fishing
Food at fishing: Smoked fish, preferably grayling or trout.
Other things worth to remember:

The first rainbow trout I caught on dry fly in Kilsbergen. That really hooked me into fly fishing.

Functions within Elmer: Casting Virtuoso
Elmer members about Anders/Maja:

Anders is the casting guru within Elmer and has previously worked as a casting instructor and can do "impossible" things with a fly rod. He is also a very good fly tier and creates everything from Pike flies and dry flies to salmon flies.

He is the most stubborn fisher men in Elmer and can completely disappear into himself. He can become totally focused and un-contactable to the outside world and just focus on the fishing until he finally manages to catch just that fish he wanted to catch! Anders is also the only one in Elmer that fishes for salmon with a fly.


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