Björn Arkenfall

Born: 1974
City/Country: Göteborg/Gothenburg, Sweden
Member since: 1999 (Founder)
Favorite fishing: Dry-fly streaming after Trout or Grayling in the Sweden’s mountain areas
Best fishing experience ever: Kaitum 2002
Dream fishing in the future: Trout fishing in Kola, Russia
Drinking at fishing: Black strong coffee made over the fire or Talisker
Food at fishing:

Preferable a newly caught trout cooked in the fire together with Parma ham, Parmigiano-Reggiano and pesto. It’s just awesome!

Other things worth to remember: My first fish ever on a fly rod. A Rainbow Trout at 0,9 kg, caught on a Europea 12 in Svartån Örebro the 8th of July 1999
Functions within Elmer: Plans most of the fishing trips, official Elmer-chef and a photographer on the trips
Elmer members about Björn:

Bjorn is a trout fisherman to his fingertips. When the others in Elmer were fishing in the stream of Kuokak in Kaitum catching Grayling all the time, Björn caught about 20 trout’s on a Red Tag fly on exactly the same spot! He always catches most and biggest Trout’s everywhere.

Björn is also Elmer’s own outdoor specialist who knows everything there is to know about packing, camping, hiking and equipment for the outdoors. He is also Elmer’s official chef and an incredibly talented one too! No matter what Björn is undertaking, he does it with such a detail and with great planning so nothing is left for chance.

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