Roger Björnfot

Born: 1974
City/Country: Huddinge, Sweden
Member since: 1999 (Founder)
Favorite fishing: Flyfishing Grayling in streaming water
Best fishing experience ever: The first trip with fly-fishing for Grayling in Mittån, Härjedalen in the summer of 2000. Loved it!
Dream fishing in the future: Fly-fishing after monster size Grayling!
Drinking at fishing: A 6:a Laphroaigh or a bottle of Rioja
Food at fishing: Björn's reindeer stow with Creme Fraiche. yummy ...
Other things worth to remember: I will probably never forget the first trout I caught on a fly rod. It was a real fighter and swam away under a log, jumped and showed some air acrobatics on the other side of the log. In some mysterious way, I managed to drill it back under the log and finally into the net. *LUCK!*
Functions within Elmer: Fire-starter on all trips
Elmer members about Roger: Roger is probably the most versatile fly fishermen of us all, good at everything regardless of whether it is heavy fly fishing for pike or the extremely conservative fly-fishing for trout. He is also together with Ronny the great joy spreader of Elmer and is always in a good mood with a wonderful sense of humor. He likes to try his own flies and is an experienced outdoor man who likes the outdoor regardless of weather or wind.


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