Anders Löfgren

Born: 1967
City/Country: Kungälv, Sweden
Member since: 2006
Favorite fishing: Dry Fly Fishing after Trout
Best fishing experience ever: Vättlefjäll in the spring of 2006, a calm sea and big trouts
Dream fishing in the future: Dreaming about fly fishing in New Zealand
Drinking at fishing: Coffee and whisky
Food at fishing:

Eats everything and much of it ..

Other things worth to remember: The trip with Elmer to Jämtland was wonderful. Got new personal best records for both Trout and Grayling on that trip!
Functions within Elmer: Anders is Elmer's oldest member so he’s our own "mysfarbror"! He takes care of the rest of us young men.
Elmer members about Anders: With his calm, Anders is a great asset to Elmer! When others begin to give up one day when the fishing is very bad, Anders will still fight on and just go on and go on until he catches one!
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